Making the Most of My Keystrokes

It has been a good many years since I kept a blog. Early in my career, I kept a technical blog as part of an effort to maintain my personal brand. Later, I was impressed by Scott Hanselman's reasoning that my lifetime keystrokes are finite, and should be spent carefully.


And, as happens so often, life changed. Social networks like LinkedIn and StackOverflow sprang up and started to fill this part of my life. The blog was no longer a mainstay in my public brand, and I ultimately turned it off.

Life has a funny way of returning to where we started. My line of work has changed a bit, and I feel a draw back to the blog. And here I am. I'll drum up my old posts and squeeze them in here somewhere. Most importantly, I'll add new content about adventures in programming, data warehousing, and development methodology.


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